Fine Young Journalist on whuffie:”News certainly is in a bind, though. A generation is coming of age that’s accustomed to lots of free stuff and probably increasingly distrustful of the non-Whuffie economy, especially when it chooses sources of information. On the other hand, Big News is only Big News because it can afford to be — because it can afford to pay staff reporters to spend their days harrassing the powerful, digging up dirt, and producing the writing and broadcast material that gives life to 99 per cent of the news-oriented blogs out there.”
MediaPost: “About half of all US online web users view the Internet as their main source of shopping information, according to a new BURST! Media reportthe percentage of respondents who say the Internet is their primary tool for comparison-shopping increases from 59.0% with those reporting household income of less than $35,000, to 70.6% with households reporting income of $75,000 or more.”
Doc Searls thanking Dave Winer: “When they scroll the credits of my life, Dave’s is going to be one of the first names on the list.”
Joe Reger on chasing Web 2.0:” why the hell am I paying $2500 plus airfare and accomodations to go to a conference with a bunch of other geeks who don’t know what Web 2.0 is, why they’re getting together or what they hope to achieve? Is it the excitement of being part of something new? Not for me… I just need some sales… I need to pay for a plane ticket back home..”
Bonus: NYTimes/RW Apple story on eating in Shanghai–when I visited last spring, I hit some of the spots Apple describes…yum.