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“Winning on the Internet these days is all about attracting the largest and most engaged audience of computer users and converting those eyeballs into profit through advertising. The increasing amount of time people spend online has led to an enormous jump in spending, by companies large and small, on Internet advertising and commerce.”
–David Vise, ” AOL and Other Online Keys,” Washington Post article, October 23, 2005

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  1. Peter Levitan says:

    Gee. I am not sure that David has it 100% right. Sure, large audiences are good. But, so is narrowcasting to highly interested target groups like — ah me.
    Winning in marketing is about targeting the right person with the right message to grow revenues. If it is broadcasting cool. I prefer narrowcasting.

  2. Randy says:

    Peter – but is the highly-interested target group a likelier buyer than the broadcast audience? Experience to date doesn’t show that to be the case. The choice of advertising forum should be governed by one thing only for most sellers: the marginal cost of the last additional sale generated by the advertising. Not the number of impressions, not the perceived interest level of the audience. Virtually every dollar spent on online advertising in the first several years of its existence, before pricing models, performance metrics, and creative use of multiple channels of advertising came along, was TOTALLY wasted – and, in contrast, that can rarely be said of any broadcast advertising. Narrowcasting is undoubtedly competitive; it is undoubtedly more creative, more informative, and more fun to do. What is isn’t – yet – is a proven superior performer at the margin. But I’d still bet on folks like you getting there, soon.

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