Rubel: How many X will the market support?

Steve Rubel’s got a smart post today, prompted by the releease of new news search engine, inform:
“The bigger question is how many web-based aggregators will the market support? There are already dozens of them. …(snip)… Right now Bloglines is on top, but OPML ( definition) makes it easy for me to take my feeds anywhere. There’s no lock-in.” (More Rubel here.)
Susan sez: Just take newsreader and swap in every other social media tool–how many are unique their categories–and are there any categories that aren’t getting filled with 3-8 players? To me, this is a sign of viable markets–and platforms–emerging–but it’s also a heads up that more acquisitions, mergers, and consolidations are ahead (like we didn’t already know that.)
(Note re comments: Thanks, Rafat–review here)

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  1. Rafat says:

    It is not a is a news search engine, with the ability to add some custom topics, but NOT RSS feed as of now…I have a review here though it is not pretty.

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