Something really stupid (that I did)

So for the past week or so, my wireless has not been working.
I tried everything–went into the systems file and checked the hardware, tried rolling back the
system to restore a check point when it worked, read endless screens of indeciperable Microsoft Windows help, checked the connections over and over.
Finally, tonight, I realized that there had to be a real switch somewhere on the machine that has gotten turned off.
Sure enough, someone–probably me–had turned the wireless switch off and I failed to notice it.
The good part is that the wireless is working again.
The bad part is that this apartment doesn’t reach any network points.
Du-oh, again.

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  1. Blake Handler says:

    From the “Control Panel” select “Network Connections”
    You’ll see your wireless and standard network connections here. RIght-mouse click and select properties. There’s a check-box that says “Show icon in notification area when connected.”
    In the future, this will let you know when/if you are connected. . .PLUS with this icon in your system tray – you can now easily right-mouse click and “Repair” your network connection.

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