Start ups

Let’s see, what has crossed my path in the past 3 weeks that is not yet public, but interesting?

  • A Bit-torrent based object transporter working on both open and closed networks
  • A blogging/social network/newsreader tool that does everything and then some
  • Two ad and tagging companies/directories, both promising
  • A tagging directory of sorts
  • A classified ads play that could be very disruptive, if it worked
  • A new web publishing play
  • Another blogging ad network, this one tag-based
  • A new vertical search with huge user–and ad revenue–potential
  • A personalized search tool that fine tunes with usage

The Valley is humming with activity and with what some say is acquisition fever, but is often the happy sounds of geeks being creative. Many of these products are in early beta and launching around BlogOn, or before the end of the quarter.