Tom Watson’s Road to Nowhere

Whether you agree or not, the writing in this post about our time by Tom Watson just blew me away–here’s an excerpt, but the whole thing is excellent– Christopher Hitchens, move over!

“Nothing so completely sums up the Bush years in this country as the images of cars streaming slowly away from our southern coast, heading north to escape the wind, the water, and the destruction. Endless lights, endless bumpers, endless radios locked into all-news weather stations that tell the time but don’t which way the wind blows. Sure, it blows from the south; sure, it brings death. But the winds of the nation? The evolution (or intelligent design) of our national soul? You tell me. There is no direction; it swirls and skitters, not enough of a steady wind to hold even a child’s kite aloft, much less the collective dream of what was America.

Just head north, if you can find the gas.”


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  1. Tom W. says:

    Susan, you’re far too kind, but I thank ye.

  2. Randy says:

    Good writing, but the endless pounding on natural disaster as a metaphor for political failure has been done to death. (On the other hand, the evolution/”intelligent design” juxtaposition was masterful!) Thoughts like these bespeak both an intellectual emptiness and an intellectual arrogance. By now, people get it, and commentators don’t: no politician can prevent a hurricane, and it’s just as hard to be inspired by a politician who wastes energy blaming someone for a hurricane as it is to be inspired by a failing politician who says, “Great job, Brownie!” as a city writhes in death throes.

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