We Media: Rebecca McKinnon on access issues

Rebecca McKinnon, Global Voices, is commenting: “Most of the communities developing online are based on people who have fabulous broadbad access..to what extent are media companies in the US doing to help more people get online?–Are American media compaies pushing for free Wi FI access in communities? Are they doing things to ensure people who don’t have the means to get online have the means to do so?”
CBS’ Larry Kramer responds: More and more, we’re developing content to be distributed on multiple media formats..I thik we will do more with engaging more people over the next few years, but it’s harder in our situation to support or fund one fund of distribution over another.”
Susan sez: Somehow, the commentators are missing the social justice nature of Rebecca’s queastion–to me, that undescores its serious consideration–except for Farai Chideya, who is talking about peer to peer media and economic diversity as core tenants of citizen journalism.
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