What has ribs, wireless and a keynote?

A TechCrunch BBQ meetup!
Want to make a stir in the Valley? Be really smart, write a great blog, get a big house and have some wireless BBQs–that’s the TechCrunch way and it is kicking some bubble butt.
I respect the way Keith and Mike have used a combo of charm and guerilla marketing techniques to make their Atherton rental the magic bus of the latest bubblet..if I was back in the Valley tomorrow night, their * sold out* meet up would have me right there passing the grilled tofu(okay, the ribs.)
A Winer keynote, emerging tech start-ups fronting for filet and booze, a ball-seeking dog, 100+ geeks–what could be bad?
After way too many weeks of talking head conferences, I wish I was there…Hopefully, November...

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  1. Brad Neuberg says:

    Hi Susan; I really wanted to make it there as well, but it’s crunch time at the Internet Archive right now. I heard you and Bryan connected recently; that’s awesome. We’ll all get to talk this comming Tuesday. Bryan, you, and I should meet up for drinks somewhere fancy sometime and kibbutz. Ever been to Michael Minna’s near Union Square in San Francisco?

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