(Yet) Another reason I (continue to) admire David Weinberger

File under acting on your principles–Dave writes about a small conference that invited him to particpate–along with a all-male list of other participants. Dave declined, and said:

“I want to go primarily because I want to meet these folks. I want to know them. I want them to know and like me. It’s the networking that attracts me. In other words, this is exactly how the old boy network is built and maintained.

When I told the organizers why I wasn’t coming, they replied that they had invited three women who turned out to be unavailable. After our conversation they have invited some more women. But, only a few because, they told me, they’re trying to keep the total number of participants down so it will be more intimate – more better bonding! I told them they could use my spot to invite another woman. Have I mentioned that this is how the old boy network is formed?”

Susan sez: Dave, I am not only impressed you made this choice, I am impressed you wrote about this–and find it inspiring.

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