AOL, Noted

KPUA: AOL cofounder Steve Case invests $10.2 million dollars in Maui Land and Pineapple Company, giving him 3.5 million shares of the land holding and resort company.
Marc Orchant reports on the new AOL Pictures, saying the old You’ve Got Pictures service has some fancy new Ajax apps, and an offer to give new users AOL 100 free 4×6 prints as sign-up incentives per AOL account/screen name. AOL GM David Liu emphasized the integrated capabilities of the new site, which allows photo-sharing between AOL Mail, the AIM service, AOL Journals and AIM Blogs.
Danny Sullivan hacks AOL stats using the new Google site maps tools. Here’s how–and more here.
Via NYTimes: Steve Case-backed Lime, a media company “devoted to new-age lifestyle programs on subjects like organic food, hybrid cars and alternative medicine” gets mucho press. Deepak Chopra, Danny Seo and Rodney Yee are the celeb gurus.