Gawker closes Oddjack: Stats were lousy

Nichelle Stephens sent me a post from MediaBistro highlighting the news that Gawker Media’s shutting down gambling site OddJack and laying off the editor.
Interesting, this unsuccessful site–whose numbers, said Denton, were “just never really there,” had 420,000 pageviews and about 180,000 visitors during its peak traffic month of September–probably not too far from the traffic some small regional newspaper sites receive (draw your own inferences from that dig, folks.)
Update: Lock says my stats were wrong, plain wrong–the real data is here and suggests that OddJack actually got fewer visitors than a Fire Department pancake breakfast.

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  1. Dennis Detroit says:

    What was the motivation for putting OddJack up in the first place? I look forward to the blogger starting his own blog and writing/living his passion. Not building Gawker’s empire.

  2. BG says:

    Bodog threw Gawker Media some cash and said “open us a gambling blog.” When Bodog passed on renewing their six month contract, Gawker shut it down. I watched the traffic every day (being the Associate Editor for the site and all), and here’s reality: We truly averaged about 1,000 unique visitors and 2,000 page loads through August, and nearly doubled those numbers (roughly, maybe shy of doubling page views) for Sept/Oct/Nov. I’ll probably be posting my own take on why all this fell off the table the week of Dec 5th (when we’re officially done).

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