New: Eurekster–Building a better swicki

Today, Eurekster’s launching Swicki, a new community search product for small publishers and bloggers that lets them create targeted searches, publish the searches as tag clouds on their sites, and lets the swickis return search results most relevant to their community’s user behaviour. Swickis are cool and useful search tools that are easy to build…Some early comments and reviews at Solution Watch, SoftTech, Phil Bradley’s blog, Tech Soup, Hip and Zen Pen, Allied, Browster blog, and Direct marketing news.
Some swickis to note:

I’ve been working with Eurekster as a consultant on this product and am eager to get feedback on this early beta…And more examples of swickis to check out.
Update: Press release here. Tech Crunch story here.

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  1. Dalibor says:

    It’s really next generation of search engine but seems to me few are yet aware of the fact.
    Still, execution is what will be crucial for Eurekster.

  2. samand says:

    I have a swicki for searching shared files,it’s working…

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