Quote of the Day

” My interest is to build the great library. That was the goal I set for myself 25 years ago. It is now technically possible to live up to the dream of the Library of Alexandria. Folks are using the Internet as a library, and they’re using it many times every day. We’re seeing much more traffic on the Internet then we ever did in our public library system, but what’s available on the Internet isn’t the best we have to offer. Almost everything on the Internet has been written since 1996 — and most of it has been written for the Internet. Do you know what’s carved above the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh? — ‘FREE TO THE PEOPLE’ — what a goal! I can believe in this! At the Internet Archive, we think of our mission as ‘universal access to all knowledge.’
That should be carved over our door. If we do this right, it will be remembered as one of the great things humans have done, up there with the Library of Alexandria, Gutenberg’s press and putting a man on the moon.”
–Brewster Kahle, founder Internet Archive and Open Content Alliance, speaking in The San Francisco Chronicle about efforts to digitize the world’s great libraries.