Seattle Mind Camp: Women just in it for the parties and beer?

Seattle PI reporter John Cook covered the Seattle MindCamp and apparently quoted Tara Reid (oops–Tara Hunt!) out of context–reporting that she said she’s into Web 2.0 for the parties and the beer, provoking outrage and hurt.
Scoble notes the misstep, Liz Lawley calls it out, and Tara sets the record straight.
This raises one of those age old questions–if you interview 20 people, quote one woman, and make her sound stupid, is that sexism–or just poor reporting?
You decide.

Susan sez: Okay, I think it’s both–but the best last word comes from Adam Kalsey who says:”Not that it will make you feel any better, but Tara, you’re my marketing hero. A month ago I’d never heard of Riya/Ojos or you. As a result of your blog, community building, and networking at parties, I hear about Riya several times a week.”

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  1. Jarah says:

    While Tara Reid surely is in it for the parties and beer, Tara Hunt was quoted out of context.

  2. Tara Hunt says:

    LOL…is that what is called a ‘Freudian’ slip?
    I had a good laugh when I read this.

  3. Ben Barren says:

    Wild on Tara Reid ? :) man tara has alot of names / horsepigcow/miss rogue/tara hunt… reid too ?

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