Sunday supper returns

Back in the day, I took pleasure in posting Sunday dinners I made for the family. The family is in different places this year, but I’ve started cooking again and last night (Sunday) I made:

  • Spinach, radicchio and endive salad
  • Garlic bread with oregano
  • Baked potatoes with non fat sour cream
  • Roasted tri-tip, Buckhorn brand (thanks, RK!)

My 19-year old, over for the night, hungry and always broke, was impressed enough to eat a ton. It was so pleasant I thinkI may take a page from Lisa Williams’ family dinner and invite friends for chow next time.

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  1. Susan Kitchens says:

    That’s a good thing. Recently, Doc M and I BBQd a big pork roast —> pulled pork and invited a bunch of people over (16).
    The doing thereof took more out of me than I originally planned, but the low-keyness of it (come over and help us eat 10 pounds of mouth-watery BBQ goodness, bring something you think we may need and we’re trying to make it low stress), and the food and the occasion: simply come and eat, made for a very good time.
    So I heartily recommend it. Don’t know that I want to do something that big again, 16 people is a lot to look after and I woulda liked to have had more leftovers than the single leftover serving.
    I, too, share the Lisa Williams weekly dinner admiration thang.

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