Thankfulness: 12 things

2005 was the year when I went through the biggest number of changes, ever. Given how full my life is right now, I have a lot to be thankful for–not only today, but every day.
Here’s a short list of some people–and things– I am thankful for:

  • Family and friends: Zack, Nancy, Ralph, Sidney, Amy, Lori, BJ, Randy, Peter, Ellen, Mary, Lisa W, Andrew N and many others.
  • The 5ive team: Steven, you rock–Kurt, Richard, Jory, ditto.
  • Colleagues: Too many to list, but I hope you know who you are.
  • Work: We’re working with some good companies on interesting projects.
  • Intellectual challenges and problem-solving: I am always learning, and the conversation never stops.
  • California: I’m living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Every day I feel lucky to be here.
  • Blogging and writing: This year, I went from one blog to several and started writing poetry again after many years.
  • Chances to help others–always an honor.
  • Yoga and meditation: Martin and Lori, thank you for what you have shown me.
  • The pets: The cat is the boss of the dog. They both are the boss of me.
  • R: You know why.
  • Zack: You get called out twice because you are the best son I could ever wish for…and an terrific person.

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  1. Richard says:

    A lot of people are thankful for you, too…

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