Update: iMediaConnection weighs in

iMedia Connection’s exec editor, Brad Behrens, did the right thing and wrote a graceful editorial/clarification about the Bill Day piece–replete with ads from Bill’s company, WhenU, that they ran yesterday–and about posts Theresa Quintinalla and I wrote taking them to task.
Brad says they didn’t sell the edit, they have always wanted Bill to write for them, and when they realized it looked bad, they took the ads down.
Brad goes further and says they don’t sell edit, period–“…if somebody — anybody, even a sponsor — submits a byline for our consideration and the article turns out to be a veiled or overt commercial for the contributor’s company, then we don’t run it.”
Brad’s explanation works for me.
So does their quick response in addressing these issues.
The fact we can have this kind of dialogue–in public–is part of how the web has changed things and driven everyone to more transparency.

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  1. bleh says:

    Maybe now you could comment on the original article?
    In any case – WhenU was a notorious spyware disseminator – for somebody representing a company like that to actually say the things that Bill Day said was quite amazing. He couldn’t have chosen a better way to rebuild their lost credibility and make folks look at them again carefully.
    The key is in the tone of his article – it exudes sincerity and sobriety. Which is crucial since anybody can claim or promise or say anything they want about anything – the two things that do help us determine whether they were talking through their hat or not are their actions afterward, and the
    tone in the post – the frankness, sincerity, sobriety [to repeat].
    To be honest, the article being sponsored just didnt fit in with the atmosphere of the article itself….it would take some extremely devious people to manage that ;)

  2. susan mernit says:

    bleh, do you blog–your comments are right on….would like to hear more of your take on things.

  3. bleh says:

    Not at the moment but if I do I’ll be sure to advertise..err post my url here :)

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