What’s in the GoogleBase? The same old stuff

CNet says GoogleBase was “awash in porm spam” till the problem was fixed earlier this week. However, CNET said “With the filter turned off, the amount of adult content on Google Base was staggering considering Google only launched the tool a week ago. A News.com search on the terms “XXX” and “XXX webcam” turned up more than 14,000 results each, including numerous listings under “XXX teen webcam.”
Susan sez: I checked GoogleBase out this am– XXX now has 451 results, about half on the first page clearly porn, XXX webcam has just 7–all porn– and XXX teen webcam has 2–both porn, of course.
But here’s the more fun comparison of data entered in the base:
iPod has 277,555
Blogs has 2,627
Podcasting has 280
XBox has 242
XBox 360 has 121
Stuff for sale:
Cars— 985, 0945
Stuff for your driveway(!)–17,213
And for your dog–71, 014
Baseball —69,248
Sex — 17,027
Harry Potter–8,333
Personals — 8,252
Skiing — 886
George Bush — 2,181
Britney Spears — 107
Bill Gates–96
David Beckham–42
Looks like the local classifieds to me folks–the data in GoogleBase seems to be replicating the same crappy listings we see everywhere–anyone have better news to report?