Yahoo RSS–Leveraging integration

Yahoo’s new RSS features in mail leverage integrated features in a way few companies seem to manage.
Scott Gatz says: “RSS in mail makes perfect sense for a few reasons: 1) people already spend a lot of time in their Mail experience, why shouldn?t personally relevant content be there too 2) While you read RSS you are probably gonna want to forward good stuff you find 3) Hundreds of millions of users use Yahoo Mail, so if we want to reach the masses, we need to go where they are.
And, its cool to realize that we are the first major webmail service to offer an RSS reader integrated into the experience.”
Seeing Yahoo deploy features across tool sets is seeing a company do it right.
Updates: Charlene Li says: “I?m thrilled! I’ve long wanted to have my RSS feeds integrated in with email.” Steve Rubel adds “Note that you can post to 360 or save an item to My Web 2.0. A nice start!” Dave Winer comments: “They’re including a nice smallish RSS reader in their Mail app. I had seen it before, and it’s a River of News aggregator.” More here.