Yahoo to distribute Gawker blogs

Reuters reports that Gawker Media has landed a deal for Yahoo to distribute Gawker blogs (does that mean we get to see Denton and Lock in Silicon Valley sometime soon? I think yes.)
Content–labelled as commentary–from Gawker, Defamer, Gizmodo and Wonkette will supplement Yahoo’s news pages, adding a flavor that will only be matched when Yahoo finally manages to create a platform to channel content from ALL of the most linked/authoritative sources in the blogosphere (and that day will come, believe me.)
Meanwhile, Yahoo’s rush to compete in media and social media is admirable–it will be interesting to see if some of their vertical categories take advantage of the learning the media/news group is doing and tweak/rethink their platforms a bit to integrate some new tools (and user involvement).
Update: Priceless Denton quote from Washington Post:”Yahoo has developed a certain weird geek chic, their philosophy is just edgy enough. The key to the Yahoo deal is the wider audience out there. This is the same younger audience that responds to ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’ ”

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  1. Josh says:

    So interesting that we have Time Inc. putting Andrew Sullivan’s blog on their home page, now Yahoo putting Gawker blogs on their news page, and two weeks ago Talking Points Memo made an appearance on the op-ed page of the Washington Post. So in some cases these gated editorial brands are not only opening up but are giving up actual control over what is said on their pages to outsiders.

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