Blog Network ranks: Flattering but too good to be true?

Been meaning to comment on these new blog network rankings for a couple days–According to the new blog network list, the Web 2.0 workgroup is in the top 10 blog networks and this blog is number 56 among more than a thousand blogs.
While this is very cool, and amazingly flattering, Miz Skeptic here feels it’s a little too good to be true–or, to put it another way–it’s a list that measure what it measures (I notice that both Dave Winer and Steve Rubel‘s blogs are not on the list of what they are measuring, for example).

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  1. Richard MacManus says:

    I know what you mean. I’m ranked 60 on that list… just above Instapundit :-0

  2. Matt says:

    Hi, and thanks for the mention.
    I’m not quite tracking with you on the comment about Dave and Steve’s blogs not being tracked – both of them are on the list and we update their stats every 48 hours or so.
    We’ll be making some changing to our ranking system this weekend that we think will more accurately reflect a blog’s overall traffic.

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