Google to buy 5% of AOL; told ya so

Back in September, I said Google would end up buying AOL–well, they didn’t get the whole thing but they got $1B worth–5% of the company, according to tonight’s NY Times article.
Apparently, to get all those sweet ad placements on AOL screens, Google agreed to showcase AOL content results, breaking–for the first time ever-their link rank/relevancy rules in favor of filthy lucre(does any still wonder if these owners of this immense money machine have “sold out”, whether or not they take custom winnebagos to burning man?)
I remember, back in 2000, when some Netscapers wanted AOL to buy Google, for, I think $3-10 million, and a certain very rich executive, who shall remain nameless, bellowed down the halls “Search?No one on AOL cares about that!” (Of course, he was over-ruled and AOL joined Yahoo in investing in Google, making enough on the stock deal to compensate for a few rotten quarters.)
Anyway, now Google will be the overlords, using AOL screens to host and carry their cash-bearing ad algorithms…hatching their nests of keywords inside community and content and…Ugh, sounds like a science fiction movie starring a horde of ad-driven locusts.
Okay, a head-clearing deep breath–other side of the deal is that AOL gets to sell ads on Google, making them the biggest inventory-dealer in Agency Land. Plus Google pushes AOL Video within their video offering, Plus, the AOL guys get to ride on Serge and Larry’s plane–nah,I made that up.
But you get the drift–in a year, we’ll be watching a very different Google–one that may have morphed into something alot more like AOL was back in the day, when they were fat and sassy and thought no one cared about search.

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