Google/AOL: The $1B Dollar Misunderstanding?

“We’re looking forward to what AOL can help us do for you, and believe that our new agreement with them will only create a better experience for you in 2006 and beyond…”
–Marissa Mayer, Google,

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  1. Dave says:

    I saw this news article too. AOL and Google – what a scary combination!

  2. Convergence says:

    I speculate more to this closed door deal. Especially the default homepage and browser in AOL client.
    If you have noticed, Google is aggressively spending and supporting to get FireFox installed on as many clients as possible. AOL’s proprietary and lousy client uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the default engine to drive. If Dr. Eric Schmidt was careful in spelling terms of the deal, then I am sure he wouldn’t have missed this clause of integrating FireFox browser in AOLs client throwing away Internet Explorer.
    Latest statistics from W3Schools indicate that Non-IE browsers have a market share of 33% with FireFox leading at 19.6%. If Google replaces FireFox as the engine in AOL client, then expect FireFox to gain significantly over Microsoft’s IE.

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