Maui was Wowi, or my holiday vacation

Heading home today from Maui. Yes, it was great. When I go to the beach, I truly relax…and this was a great break after a busy fall and during an even busier winter.
Some trip highlights: snorkeling (though I got seasick), hiking the coastline, Paia, road to Hana, especially the arboreteum and the roadside BBQ, Da Kitchen, Mama’s FishHouse, yoga by the beach. Also enjoyed watching the LA entertainment lawyers flock together like HS kids by the hotel pool as the hotel got more crowded, spending more time in the gym, and the ‘get off your computer’ comments from friends (thanks).
And Z–you are a super travel buddy.

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  1. Edward Vielmetti says:

    sounds lovely. a friend from Michigan who teaches in Hawaii is back home for the holidays, visiting with her now.

  2. Anna Berg says:

    Wow, I love the maui greenery picture with the sunlight!

  3. Markus says:

    Nice pictures, I came back on the 16th looks like we stayed at the same hotel.

  4. Lise Eden says:

    Hi, I came across the picture of the green forest with the sunlight shining down on it and would like to use it in a presentation about the environment. I was wondering if you had it available in a higher resoloution 300dpi for example?
    Please could you let me know if you do and if it will be ok to use it for my presentation.
    Many Thanks,

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