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Wired and Socialtext‘s Fortune 500 Business Blogging wiki–how cool is this?
Chris Anderson writes: “…we’ve decided to open source the project…. It’s a wiki’d version of the above spreadsheet that anyone can edit, adding new Fortune 500 blogs as they’re found or revising existing entries. It’s released under a Creative Commons attribution license, so anyone is free to use it any way as long as they point back to the wiki.”
Susan sez: This is a great example of how new tools can drive new paradigms–bet this will be a very useful list in a week or two, maybe less.

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  1. James says:

    Wonder if software vendors ask the industry analysts they pay lots of money to such as the ones at regarding open source to their readers..

  2. Marcia Parker says:

    Love these new tools. Fascinating new looks into Fortune 500 cos. communications….

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