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“With podcasting just over a year old, the current maleness of the podcast audience at the aggregate level is consistent with gender usage trends of the early web. The fact that so many women who have listened to podcasts have done so recently signals the beginning of a trend toward a more balanced gender composition of the podcast audience. It’s also reflective of the ever-increasing variety of podcast content with broadening appeal.”
—Mark McCrery, Podtrac Co-Founder, CEO.
Demographics of podcasting, from the just published Podtrac survey

  • 2% of respondents are familiar with the term podcasting,
  • 78% of those who have ever listened to a podcast are male.
  • In the last week however, those who have ever listened to a podcast were 51% female and 39% male.

( via designtechnica)

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  1. Hooman Radfar says:

    It seems that a popular trend among the Web 2.0 community is to repackage memes and terms from the Web 1.0 days. For instance, I definitely enjoy podcasting, but is it just me, or is podcasting just a nice way of saying MP3? Thoughts?

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