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“Honestly, we have spent the past 24 hours mulling over former New York Press owner Russ Smith’s Mugger column in the alt-weekly’s latest issue, in which he details the sale of Gawker Media to the New York Times Company for $32 million. As this is utterly ridiculous and unequivocally not true, we imagine Smith intended the piece as some sort of quasi-parody.
But we can’t look away from Smith’s column, and it’s not because we think it’s particularly insightful or witty or even otherwise worth discussion. We’re fascinated, quite frankly, because we don’t get it.”
–Jesse Oxfield and Jessica Cohen, Gawker editors, Dec. 1, 2005
Susan sez: Oh, now I get it–after reading 2,000 boring words, Smith is using Gawker to swat at the Times. As in NYT you are screwed. Quelle Brilliant (not).
Afterthought: How about someone send Russ Smith out to the Hamptons and have him do EST with Tom Wolf? Or maybe to Berkeley to intern with the Daily Kos?
Afterthought 2: Never mind, let Russ Smith go work at Gawker–they obviously got him started when they interviewed him back in 2004.

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  1. Jackson West says:

    Oh, man, Mugger. Yeah. That was terrible when I was in college. Good to see some things never change.
    Definitely should not have tangled with Gawker. It’s important to know one’s place on the NYC media scene.

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