Yahoo answers: Yahoo builds a YAAN

Yahoo Answers, IMHO, is YAAN–yet another answer network–another attempt to build community out of tagging common questions–and therefore attitudes and interests–among a wide and loosely joined network of people–but it looks and feels very much like 43 things to me.
One of the questions and answers I dug out of Yahoo Answers Love & Romance was how can I find a russian bride without paying for her?–the Q&A format seems amazingly like 43 Things–with similar social network ethos–only, of course, Yahoo can link this (and they should) throughout more of their apps–and among their 82MM global users.
As Gary Price points out, YA is also reminiscent in some ways to and has some cross over with Squidoo (as Parekh points out).
Feeling a little cynical this morning, my take is…..once it’s integrated into other services it could be great–as a stand-alone, yawn.