Back from Having a Life

So I went to Napa this weekend with three friends to get mud baths and taste wine.
Last weekend, I had a party for my birthday.
Blogging has been slow because, well, I’ve been focusing on other things going on–the new
job, the social celebrations, the friends and family thing, the divorce papers getting signed.
But that doesn’t mean blogging is going to slow down big time–
As my schedule gets organized, I plan to start blogging more regularly again both here and at the new Sex and Relationships channel I’m co-editing for BlogHer–a fitting topic for someone who’s both redefining her personal life and working at Yahoo Personals–so check out both sites for more posts, more frequently, starting middle of this week.
Yes, I’m going to continue writing about digital media, web 2.0 and all that emerging tech mash up stuff–but I’m also going to use the BlogHer space to expand a bit on some other topics, particularly original voices, women–and men–writing about discovery and challenge in their lives.