Brilliant post: Susie Bright on JT Leroy

“JT first approached Cooper, by phone/email, at the beginning what would become the Sarah manuscript. Emily worshiped Dennis, a superfan. I’m sure Dennis would have been kind to Emily if he had been introduced to her as a reader, but his reactions were deeper this time. It wasn’t ‘Emily’ who reached out to him; it was JT, the ghost of George Miles crossed with Oliver Twist.”
“Slash fiction is an under-publicized revolution in female eroticism. It’s no wonder that Emily’s writings didn’t get “spotted” as Slash; the genre isn’t on bookstore shelves. The stereotype that women are incapable of entertaining nasty, brutal boy thoughts in their heads is just the kind of bunk you will find in women’s magazines and chick-lit fiction, ad nauseum.”
–Susie Bright writes a masterful–and compelling–deconstruction of how Emily Albert cooked up the troubled teen author –and how her act fits into Slashfiction and women’s history of writing alt stories in male personas.