FOAF: JT Leroy identity unravels

So, the JT LeRoy literary romance is unravelling, with the latest dish being that a SF local played the author in his public appearances. Susie Bright and Violet Blue have great posts about being duped–and outraged–by this mummery–

Bright writes:”…if you?re an author, an editor, a publisher? or worse, a friend? to someone who bullshit you up one side and down the other, it?s not cute. It?s not irrelevant. It?s a cruel con, straight up, and the whole writers? community suffered for it.

Welcome to the first meeting of JT Anonymous. I published JT. I defended him in public, performed for him, responded to every editorial and hook-me-up request. I took Twilight Zone phone calls and tendered his frightening tantrums. ”

Violet Blue says: “It’s weird, and it really pisses me off. Not as a writer. *As a survivor.* I lived the very real horrors of my childhood to get where I am now — alive, articulate. I didn’t fuck anyone over to get my book deals, and I certainly didn’t exploit very real experiences (like of myself and my friends) to get my books published. I certainly never had the elite privilege of celebrity benefactors. I had a mother who was a drug addict, a compulsive liar, who gave and received regular beatings. She was raped in a room next to me when I was ten; I saw her have a knife held to her throat, I saw her get beaten by boyfriends I had to call “daddy” more times than I can count. She beat me with a belt; she inhaled cocaine like a vaccum and dealt it like a pro; she dumped me off every chance she got with strangers for weekends and sometimes weeks at a time…”

Both have longer entries worth a read. Oh, and JT- I think alotta folks have an idea what you might do with one of those raccoon penis bones you sell..

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  1. Richard says:

    I was told in Sept. 2001 by a novelist friend who’d spoken to “JT” on the phone that there was no such person, that it was a hoax. It amazes me that it took over 4 years for people to find out.
    Last May I heard that Stephen Beachy’s expose, based on a lot of research, would appear soon in the Bay Guardian. It never did. I never found out why. Stephen’s story finally appeared in New York Magazine last fall, and he was subject to a vilification campaign by the hoaxsters and their true believers.
    Check out Susie Bright’s blog to see how a bright person was fooled.

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