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Lovosphere: More Personals Watch

NY Post and Portland Business Journal: Since coffee dates are standard starters for web daters, Yahoo Personals has teamed with Starbucks to create an online dating guide and site with a $10 coffee card promotion if you’re a new user and you sign up. (Yes, this is the team I am joining this Monday.)
Starbucks Survey: Are you at all surprised to find out a recent Starbucks commissioned survey reports that more than 50 % of all web daters like to meet the first-time prospect for coffee?
Red Herring: Background-check start up Verified Person has raised $12 million from Sevin Rosen Fund and Rho Capital Partners, bringing the war chest to $14MM. Their service: aggregate personal data from across the web into a single, secure database that corporations, dating sites, etc. can use. (Susan sez: Is this scraped web data that may or may not be accurate, or do they vet it? One hopes.)

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  1. lizriz says:

    Hi Susan! This is so interesting – and just as I’m leaning back towards traditional dating and going out for drinks… But then, not like I’d actually pass on an invitation to coffee!

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