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Okay, the first of an occasional series of social media/personals/online dating notes, these from round the web:

What’s striking about the online personals category, imho, is how “me to” it is–and how distinct it seems from the myspace and facebooks of the world. After all, prospective dates are listings, aka transactions, a currency traded like apartments listings or help wanted, and yet the data contained in most matches is so poor–social networks go one better in some ways, but dating’s not a direct focus of most social networks, not directly–not like in the the very focused personals.

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  1. Randy says:

    Re Dr. Phil and Star Jones (never thought I would type THAT name – shudder!!! – ya get what ya pay fer…and in the immortal words of the late, great Allan Sherman: “Good advice/Good advice/Good advice costs nothing and it’s worth the price!/I’ll remodel you if you’ll only listen to my GOOD ADVICE!”

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