Ohmynews: Head editor Jean K Min on journalism as a conversation. “Many young Koreans who were already sharing their thoughts on the Internet found that it made infinitely more sense to write for a news media with a strong national brand and formidable presence in the news market than scribble their anger in a puny blog.”
Stanford: The Reuters Digital Vision fellowship is taking 2006-2007 applications–this is a good program with a social justice squew.
Current TV’s launched a guide to shooting digital video for them–plus case studies (see BoingBoing)–Is anyone else amused their *citizen journalist* poster boy is Sean Penn? Scary.
TechCrunch expands to Mobil Crunch: Arrington’s crushing the rest of us. Congrats–a (tech) media empire is a borning.
Also–the NEW: Mark Sigal’s launched Vsocial, a video sharing community, my friend David Coleman is blogging about collaborative tools, and you must check out mashup camp if you’re an API geek.