Quote of the Day 1

“I have dwelled in, or near, or at least been somewhat associated with, some of the most hallowed halls of journalism.
Now, on the other hand, I dwell in the journalistic equivalent of a roadhouse, a neighborhood newsblog, where I stand behind the counter, a dirty dishtowel over my shoulder, barking at the rowdies in the corner to keep it down, serving up mugs of draught and occasionally pulling up my skirts to show a little ankle.
We call this saloon Baristanet of Bloomfield Ave. or Baristanet. It is one of the growing number of neighborhood news sites, unconnected to any established newspapers, that serve up local news in a blog format.”
–Former NYTimes writer and Baristanet queen Debra Galant, writing at Jay Rosen’s PressThink