Quote of the Day 2

“As a web engineer, I have an alternative view for your consideration: Web 2.0 is just a stupid term for a lot of really cool, stuff:
1) Artists overcoming the distribution cartels that have had them in leg irons for decades.
2) Full connectivity; I like being able to monitor my kids on video from my web phone, programming my Tivo at home from work, grabbing files off my PC at home from anywhere, watching that latest DVD release the day it comes out – downloaded from Netflix, surfing the web on my TV while I watch it, and talking to my friends in the UK and Finland on Skype after it’s over, for free.
3) AJAX (another stupid name for Rich Internet Applications) will transform business and personal interaction with the web.
4) RSS is part of this too; I like to set up intelligent agents that program my radio listening on satellite radio (using its metadata feature) to listen to at work, email me with alerts when there is a good deal on an outdoor pingpong table on Craigslist, sell my old computers for me and bid on the new one (snipe it the last 15 seconds) on Ebay, all programmable from my phone while I’m eating lunch outdoors.
Jeff Papineau, commenting on Halley Suitt’s blog (note–these comments have been edited for length)