Quote of the Day

“…the tech industry is trying to be the new media industry, and very few people in the tech industry understand what?s really happening to the economics of media… (snip)
…What the user needs is help allocating a finite amount of attention. And the solution needs to be personal ? perfectly tailored to each user?s needs. The user needs a personal killer app…(snip)…
In a world of infinite choice, who will be the new ?trusted sources? that Paul refers to? Can the notion of trusted media brands survive the chaos?”
–Scott Karp, Publishing 2.0, There is a bubble in media
Susan says: The talk about attention, personal media and new tools is dead on–but we’re making BIG assumptions about how users will change–and how long will it take for the remix generation to move to the center–that’s the question that can drive the economics of the market–plot the curve correctly and you win.