Quote of the day

“Contrasting group forums with blogging is a good example in which to make the distinction between group- and individual-oriented social tools. In group forums, members of a closed group can post threads and comment on them. It is a closed model. When individuals blog in the open web, trackbacks and comments allow discussions to take place that are — in many cases — logically equivalent to forums, but since each individual blogger decides where to turn their focus, and what other blogs to comment on, bloggers are members of many groups at the same time. More importantly, the structure of blogging supports that model directly. In a group forum, you are a member of that one group, and not a member of any others: the fact that you may be a member of other groups is not explicitly supported.
…The groups are there, but latent, implicit in the gestural relationships of crosslinking, tags, comments, and blogrolls. ”
–Stowe Boyd, Message, writing on how the distributed web drives a shift from groupware to what he calls soloware.