Rich Skrenta: What is Citizen Journalism and how do you make it happen?

Topix’s Rich Skrenta’s got an outstanding post on citizen journalism, alogrithmic news, and media going on–a must read.
Some snippets:
“The quality of journalistic output today is, for the most part really really good. In fact it’s too good. The product costs a huge amount to bring to market, and what the Internet enables is a an alternative product built for zero, and providing a different value proposition. Citizen journalism is going to be more Citizens and less Journalism. ”
“Creating a local news page for every town in the US provided us with a set of local audiences for thousands of towns… towns where people who use AOL and have never heard of Web 2.0 live. These people want to tell their stories too. You don’t need to know what a blog is to want to tell your story online, and you don’t need a journalist to tell you how either, it turns out.
We’ve been astonished at many of the posts we’ve had. There is much of the normal chatter you’d find on message board comments (which we think is just great), but there are also many first-person accounts of news events from across the country. More than we expected, frankly. In places like Valley Center, CA, Hickory, NC, Redford, MI, Hillborough, NC, Lake Butler, FL, Hershey, PA, and Livermore, CA. Some of these reports are very raw and heart-wrenching. But we’re glad we were able to offer a place for these conversations to occur. ”
Susan sez: Rich is a ground-breaker, and this is something important to watch.,and participate in.