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Reading Thomas Hawk this am: “Having had several of my articles appear on Digg, Slashdot and Boing Boing all three, I can personally attest that Digg is moving traffic these days on par with Boing Boing and Slashdot. Recently I blogged about Digg Founder Kevin Rose’s presentation down at Yahoo! earlier this month. At that presentation Kevin said that at present Digg has about 140,000 registered users and is serving up four to five million page views per day. ”
Yep. Digg is getting big–how many readers of this blog use it regularly? (Confession: I don’t.)

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  1. Thomas Hawk says:

    Susan, seriously you should. Even if you don’t use it for their front page the RSS search feeds are the most valuable out there right now. They are better than Google News or Technorati or PubSub, they break news the fastest.
    Try this. Go to digg and do a search for a subject that you follow. Any subject, doesn’t matter, use “Web 2.0” or “Yahoo” or whatever. Then subcribe to the RSS feed for that search and watch what starts rolling into your reader. You will find stories there that you are not seeing elsewhere and I’ve found Digg’s search filters to be amoung the most relevant.

  2. Steve Rubel says:

    I definitely scan it. It’s an early source of great, yet narrow information.

  3. susan mernit says:

    Okay, you convinced me–I have signed up for a set of searches and added them to my newsreader–will report back. Thx.

  4. Steve Rubel says:

    You gotta get a Mac! There’s a great dashboard widget.

  5. Dimitar Vesselinov says:

    I’m a new convert to the Digg religion :)

  6. Nick Douglas says:

    Thomas, same here. Digg feeds all the way.

  7. susan mernit says:

    After 3 days or so of digg feeds, they do seem great…just what I need, more info to sift..hey, I love it.

  8. Thomas Hawk says:

    Good to hear it Susan. Yes, I had to pare a few of mine back and it does make it harder to keep up with your RSS reading but it is good content.

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