Lovosphere: Personals noted

Orlando Sentinel(from LA Times): EHarmony Marriage: First find a mate, then manage the marriage–a new online counseling service.
China Business Weekly: This report suggests online dating in China is a rapidly expanding category–“The sector is expected to quickly expand over the next three years to reach 653 million yuan (US$80.6 million). There were 6.5 million active dating service users in China by the end of 2004, iResearch says. That figure is expected to rise to 29 million by 2008.”
Modbee.com: Craigslist–busting hookers. Who knew?
Online-Dating-Zone.com: The Kayak of dating sites touts their talents (press release).
Click-Z: Carnival Cruise Line launches a social network–is dating far behind?
Phillips and Match.com team up for VDay on devices, music.