Quote of the Day 2

“The most interesting platform isn’t the internet; it’s the cellphone….The internet connects all this stuff. The internet is kind of the metaplatform but beyond that the cellphone is probably going to the mediating device in many markets.”
–Esther Dyson at SIIA, quoted in Paid Content.

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  1. Oliver Starr says:

    As a fellow Web2.0 Workgroup member, you probably know MobileCrunch, but you might not know I also contribute to MobHappy with Carlo Longino and Russell Buckley.
    It’s funny that you mention this today of all days as I just authored a MobHappy post: Mobile 2.0 is not Web 2.0 (it’s way bigger).
    You might want to click over and have a read, it’s the first in a multipart series I’m doing examining the mobile device and it’s value in varied contexts as well as where Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 intersect. ( http://mobhappy.com/blog1/2006/02/06/mobile-20-is-not-web-20/ )
    Drop me at note and let me know what you think!

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