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“4 years ago, I stated that from that moment on I wouldn’t work on anything I didn’t love, and I would only work on things I loved. (I needed to say it redundantly, because it felt wobbly inside, saying it out-loud. I was terrified.) As soon as I said, it I knew I could never go back. A door had closed. The old way was over and no longer reachable. I could not understand the old way, from that moment on. The new way had clarity, passion and intensity.

It doesn’t mean I don’t do a lot of hard, trying, difficult, long work, but I have to say, but the overall goal, the project, the commitment, must be something I love. And frankly I haven’t worked for a second in the past four years. And I work all the time. Because it’s not work. Down with work that you hate! Do only work that you love. And the work will pour in, you will have more choices that you know what to do with, the quality will be high, the satisfaction will be high, your life will change, and your free time will become so much more satisfying.”

–Mary Hodder, CEO, Dabble

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  1. Ben Barren says:

    great quote. ive really simply stolen it and linked back. congrats on new role :) bb

  2. m0z says:

    I think there’s a litte more to just ‘down with work that you hate.’
    We can’t all be CEO’s now can we…

  3. mary hodder says:

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for quoting me.
    Hi m0z..
    Actually, I was doing work four years ago, that was very much on the team level, with other folks at the top. But by saying this to myself, and then living it, I actually made a company and that’s part of doing what you love. Being a CEO is really stressful, and really fun, and means, if you make the company, that you get to make some interesting things. In my case, I can make something where usability is done first and engineering follows. They are both equally important, but now I can assure that the usability work doesn’t fall by the wayside.
    You are absolutely right that we can’t all be CEO, but we can choose projects and work in places that let us do what we love, what we believe in.
    It’s infectious. The more you have passion and want to make good stuff, the more people let you.

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