So it’s been an interesting experience moving from three years as a consultant into a staff role.
On one level, it’s completely seamless–the team is great, the work is interesting, and the ambiance is familiar (lots of former Netscapers around).
In that way, it feels like the past three years were a dream in between bigcos.
I also see how much I have learned consulting–I am definitely going into this job with a much sharper range of skills and experiences–not to mention more emotional resources–than I had a few years ago.
On the other hand–I am definitely going through a transition–While showing up to an office every morning is still an adjustment, I feel like I’ve made a good choice–one that will require focusing in in a way that will be very worthwhile.
One of the big new things–which I am very much enjoying–is the need to focus–Success will be about envisioning and executing against some very specific goals–and knowing what NOT to engage on. I’ve learned–after much effort–to become pretty good at saying no, or letting certain kind of opportunities pass by because they won’t lead where I want to go, so the need to set priorities and drive to them in this new job is a pleasure.
As for the Yahoo culture, still feeling my way on that one. It’s probably not disclosing too much to say that the company has its own jargon, which I am starting to collect–I was in a discussion recently and was the only person who didn’t know that staffers refer to the Yahoo user ID–what at AOL was called a Screen Name, as the YID (Yahoo ID, get it?)–still hoping to hear more priceless gems like that one, tho I probably won’t publish them here.
All in all, totally digging the job.
(Note: post inspired by Jeneane Sessums, what i used to write here)

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