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One of things I am seeing in the emerging tech space that makes me smile is the developing split between those who talk and those who do. For some of my colleagues, blogging and being pundits–not news breakers and columnists, but pundits, mind you–has taken the place of really being very productive. Then there are other folks, who at one point perhaps were blogging more, who are now so busy doing cool, amazing things, they are blogging less.
Now that I have a staff job–and am trying to have a more balanced (and fun) life–I also struggle to find time to blog, but I’m also thrilled to have moved more firmly to the land of the do-ers. At Yahoo, we have a big team of people with superb understanding of personals, classifieds, and identity issues, and we’re busy planning out what’s next for our product and making it happen. Working on something so big–in such a me-too category–underscores how much ideas and intellectual capital matter to innovation, but it also underscores how talking just ain’t enough–we’re going to be shipping new product and it will have to well exceed its cost in both consumer value and value to the business.
I’ve been cautious about talking about my day job, and will continue to be so, because I don’t want to give away any competitive data. At the same time, a reader would have to live under a rock to fail to realize that running a personals marketplace at a time when w’re seeing the buildout of true social media tools has to create some exciting challenges–and opportunities.
How do you seperate the talkers from the doers? You don’t–and you don’t even need to try.
And if you’ve been around the block a couple of times, like many of us have, you recognize that while talk and ideas are great, what’s fascinating is how they translate into real products and services that improve users lives–or change the game.
So I am moving over into the camp of the doers. I will still be blogging, because how could I not, but I confess that the words that have drummed themselves into my brain these days are “innovative, “”release date” and “ship it.”

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  1. Gabe says:

    There’s also an interesting type I’ve noticed: the talker who claims to be doing on his blog, giving himself doer cred, but ultimately producing nothing.
    In any case, I’ll always appreciate the best talkers, the ones that are knowledgable, judicious, diligent, etc. They don’t need doer cred, they have enough of it already.

  2. Stan says:

    Interesting variety. Hope you can continue your output despite the demands of your job. You might want to use a spellchecker.

  3. Zack says:

    Who use ze speel checkar?

  4. Ola says:

    for years I´v had idéas about internet and tody I have a small collection of shortcuts to “pages I invented but they were already there”.. Today I´m thinking of the blogger/doer idea and there´s a sketch on my floor.
    Keep in touch If you want to.. ;)
    /Ola Sweden

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