Jeneane Sessums on tagging

Tags–and tagging–is one of those things that different people describe in different ways. thinks tags are keywords, which drives me crazy; lots of people on Amazon use them as personal finders, and many people use them as digital reference keys. I like what Jeneane says about how she uses tags:
“Most of the time, I use tags to add context to what I’ve written. Not to classify it. Not to organize it. Not to plug it in among the topics that others are writing about. Tags have a place beyond taxonomies and classifications and categorization. They are a beautiful, wide-open opportunity to add subtext to your writing. To sew meaning into the fabric of someone else’s reading experience.
I like to tag based on emotion, inference, subtleties, in a way that make tags PART of my post, not an afterthought way to plug them into Technorati and what everyone else is talking about. I want you to get to the bottom and look at my tags and laugh, or wonder, or say Ah HA! That’s what she’s pissed at, or that’s what happened, or, I wonder what other people have written about those “rough-edged stones” that get caught in my tires. ”
Tags as personal commentary…I like that.

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  1. Kathy Hale says:

    Susan, Thanks for passing on Jeneane’s approach to tagging. I particularly liked the metaphor of “sewing meaning” into someone else’s reading experience.
    Kathy Hale

  2. jeneane says:

    THANKS!!! It, at least, makes it more fun than, well, “tech, blogging, web2.0.” ;-)

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