Las Vegas, aka having a life # 23

So I spent the weekend in Las Vegas, first time ever.
Don’t know which surprised me more, the folks gambling at 10 am this morning who had clearly not yet been to bed, the middle-aged married couple on the free tram from Flathead Lake, Montana and the conversation about fishing they had with a guy from Clearwater, Florida, on the way home from the fights, or the dozen-odd brides, all shapes, ages, styles, heading out with their grooms, bridesmaids, family to get married at various wedding chapels.
Aside from the work emails floating across my Treo, I was offline till Sunday morning, when I got on and more fully checked email.
Instead, I:
Went to Vegas shows
Had a good meal
Walked the strip–and it’s a trip
Visited the Bellagio–amazing hotel with lovely Chihuly glass
And a lot of other stuff I am going to skip telling you about…but it was all good.