Life at the office

Observations 2 months in:
As I sat in a meeting with a recent hire, I realized how well I was going to get to know this person over time–and that one of the pleasures of working in a team was getting to know everyone and building ties to them.
–And how, in fact, those connections often became the rewards for some of the hassles of a job. (When I count how many of my friends and I worked together at some earlier date, I can see the truth in that for me…)
Also, I notice how, as I learn more about the new aspects of the business, my ability to work at a quick pace steps up. The past couple of days I’ve been really turning it out and feel that old adrenaline high of working hard and productively and on a roll.
And finally, there’s the fun. There have been some tremendous conversations with smart people across the company and discussions on working together, plans to collaborate creatively with the product team, and even some moments involving, yes, glasses of wine.