5 years, 5 AOL strategies

I couldn’t help smiling (okay, laughing out loud) when I read the ValleyWag and Paid Content reports that Weblogs Inc founder and new AOL exec Jason Calacanis would run and turn it into a digg like service.
You see, I’m a former Netscape/AOL exec, and so I keep track of these things and it seems like Netscape has had 5 strategies–and almost as many GMs–in 5 years, so perhaps the Calacanis thing is either AOL’s latest flavor of the moment frenzy, or a profound conviction that since Netscape is their orphan child, what do they have to lose?
There was a new strategy every year for five years–why not one now?

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  1. Spike Benjamin says:

    Beats the hell out of the days when you were running the show and the strategy changed every 30 minutes depending upon your mood.

  2. susan mernit says:

    or the mood of our bosses?

  3. Nick Douglas says:

    “Calacanis.” Another “a”.

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