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“All of us on the outside have suffered the ‘name-badge assessment’ where you try to talk to one of the Conference All-Stars, perhaps someone you’ve interacted pleasantly with via email or IRC just minutes before, and they stare at your badge for a moment (you can almost hear the mental checklist preceding the shutdown: Google? Nope. Yahoo? Nope. Press? Nope. A-List blogger? Nope.) before their eyes glaze over. It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough to discourage input from just the people from whom interaction should be encouraged.
…If I were running etech, I’d make it a requirement that everyone organizing and running the event have to find and talk to at least 20 people they don’t know every day. Say Hi, give them a minute or two, and use their vast network knowledge to bring them together with others that share some interest, concern, occupation, or pre-occupation. And who knows, that single minute might turn willingly into ten when they discover that these quiet folks have valuable things to contribute.”
Chris Lott, writing about etech’s geek cliques
(Via Chris Carfi)

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  1. Gordon says:

    Don’t have people wear name badges. Give them a code. You can check beforehand that “aardvark” and “giraffe” will be there and know who they are when you spot them but unless they are looking for YOU they won’t know you.
    Thus removing that initial period, and meaning they kinda have to talk to you for a bit… BEFORE they can decide to glaze over or not.

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